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Secret Saturdays ought to be required reading at middle schools everywhere. Maldonado gives us both voice and heart. His young characters navigate a challenging world with endearing earnestness, lively style, and a heartening desire for true dignity. —E.R. Frank, author of the acclaimed Life Is Funny and America, which inspired the Lifetime movie. Maldonado sticks his finger in an all too familiar hole of a broken-hearted urban community.  Playground tough with a sweet center.—rita williams-garcia, coretta scott king honor award-winner for like sisters on the homefront.
The world these boys live in is all too real. Torrey Maldonado writes with insight and authenticity about friendship and tough choices. It's a story you won't forget.—Coe Booth, author of the critically acclaimed Tyrell, an ALA Best Book for Young Adults. The unique thing about Secret Saturdays is no matter how many coming of age stories you’ve read, this one touches you. It calls to mind your first friendship—the one you needed to feel secure, but also doubted.  It calls to mind struggles to balance trust, dependence, wanting to be accepted, and wanting to do what’s right.--Shannon Firth, Senior Writer, Dulcinea Media. This is a wonderful and sorely needed young adult book aimed at a demographic that is often ignored. Mr. Maldonado has made an important contribution to young adult literature which should create a thirst for more stories from this talented writer.--Lynn Villagran, Social Worker, California.
When I read this book, I could experience what it was like for a young boy to grow up in the Red Hook projects of Brooklyn. Having taught middle school for almost 30 years, I instantly realized what a great read this would be for middle school students. Not only would adolescents identify with Sean and Justin, but they would be intrigued by the mystery in the plot line. As a teacher I know that the choices that Sean eventually made were ones that we would hope all young males in the throws of adolescence would make. One thing I especially enjoyed about Secret Saturdays was the way Torrey Maldonado captured the language, the self-consciousness, and the false bravado of thirteen year old boys. The close friendship of Sean and Justin was also something that all middle school students-- either boys or girls--will identify with. This book is a must read for all middle school students, especially those living in urban environments or in single-parent households. I truly enjoyed this great new novel for young readers!----Nancy Lobell, Teacher